How it Works

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Create a free profile:

  • Teams: Highlight your unique culture, past tournament wins, and championships and age groups.
    • What is the difference between a club and a team? A club is defined by an entire organization. A team is defined as different age groups under the parent organization. For example: USA Prime AZ is a club. Teams would be USA Prime AZ 2025 USA Prime AZ 2026 USA Prime AZ 2027. If you only have one team, register as a club.
  • Players: Show coaches why you deserve a spot on their roster. Share your stats, link your Perfect Game or PBR profiles, highlight your skills, share your spotify game day playlist.

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Step 2

Start networking:

  • Teams: Search, identify, and contact your ideal player based on your filtered search criteria. Ask them to join you in an upcoming tournament and confirm their position in your lineup.
    • NOTE: Diamond Match is not responsible for Team to Player tournament communication. It is the responsibility of the coach to provide every player with all relevant tournament information; such as tournament dates, game times, field locations, parental confirmation, field transportation, equipment, and team apparel.
  • Players: Once you are contacted by a team with a fill-in game proposal, let your parent or guardian know and promptly reply to the team with your availability.
    • If you are available to fill in for a tournament, confirm the tournament dates, game times, field locations, your day of transportation, equipment, and team apparel with the coach.
    • Players feel free to contact teams and coaches as well if you are looking for fill-in playing opportunities.

Identify and contact your ideal team or player based on your filtered search criteria.

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Step 3

Find your diamond and play ball!

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How Does Diamond Match Help?

Baseball Players:

  • Build and manage your unique baseball brand
  • Connect with new teams and coaches in your area
  • Find more playing opportunities and get more reps
  • Expand your baseball network

Baseball Teams:

  • Prolong and preserve your pitching in tournaments
  • Find talented players, fill your roster, and compete!
  • Search for players by position, location, and age
  • Register for tournaments in major baseball markets

Baseball Tournaments:

  • Market your tournament to more teams and fill available slots faster.
  • Make sure your registered teams are competitive and have enough players.
  • Avoid teams having to overthrow their pitchers.