Data Boost

Diamond Match Data Boost

What is Diamond Match Data Boost?

Data Boost is an exclusive service performed by Diamond Match and our partner Rotational Athlete Solutions to elevate and boost your player profile with verifiable data and video. By Data Boosting your profile, you give context and verifiable truth to coaches about your statistics.

Why should you Data Boost your profile?

  • A valuable recruitment resource
  • Verify your pitching data and statistics through reputable establishments and the best and most accurate technology
  • Track your progress over time and identify areas of improvement
  • Couple your data with video to give coaches and scouts the full picture

What do you get with Data Boost?

Pitching - Trackman

  • 30 pitch trackman bullpen -Includes a proper warm up
  • Video (both behind and face on angles)
  • Static headshot
  • Social posts on the following Diamond Match channels:
    • Youtube shorts
    • Twitter
    • YouTube video with Trackman metrics on the video
    • TikTok
    • Instagram Reels
  • Embedded videos in your Diamond Match profile under the media tab.